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Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy

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Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy is a scientist, educator and naturalist with a lifelong passion for the ocean and its inhabitants.


Jennifer has worked in marine research and informal education for the past 19 years. When she is not freelance writing for About.com, she serves as the Executive Director of Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation, based in Portsmouth, NH where she works as a whale watch naturalist, conducts educational programs about the marine environment, coordinates local marine conservation activities and manages the organization's operations.


Jennifer has a BS degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University and a MS in Resource Administration and Management from the University of New Hampshire. Her master's thesis work involved studying cooperative research between fishermen and scientists.

By Jennifer Kennedy:

My goal with this site is to help you learn about the fascinating world of marine life that inhabit our oceans - from gigantic whales and sharks to tiny marine invertebrates and plankton. I enjoy educating a wide range of audiences about marine life, and interpreting sometimes complex scientific information in a way that both adults and children can relate to and understand.

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