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Sharks are some of the most popular, most-feared, and misunderstood creatures in the ocean. Learn more about sharks, including types of sharks, information on shark behavior, why sharks attack and terms related to sharks.
  1. Shark Species Profiles (24)

What Are Sharks?
What are sharks? Learn about sharks - what a shark is, how sharks are classified, and characteristics of sharks.

Sharks - Questions and Answers About Sharks
Have questions about sharks? Start here, where you'll find a round-up of shark questions and answers, including how fast can a shark swim, do sharks lay eggs, what is the largest shark, and more.

Shark Facts - 10 Facts About Sharks
Sharks have a fearful reputation, but they are fascinating creatures. Here we'll explore ten things that define sharks.

Biggest Shark - What is the World's Largest Shark?
What is the biggest shark species? Learn more about this species here.

How Fast Can a Shark Swim - What is the Fastest Shark Species
What is the fastest shark species, and how quickly can it swim? Learn more here.

Facts About Whale Sharks
Whale shark facts. Facts about whale sharks, including where whale sharks live, what whale sharks eat, where to see whale sharks, and how whale sharks reproduce.

What Is Shark Finning - Shark Finning Information
Learn about shark finning - an important conservation issue affecting sharks.

Elasmobranch - What is an Elasmobranch
Elasmobranchs include all sharks, skates and rays. Learn more about characteristics of elasmobranchs here.

Learn about the type of marine life called skates, which are related to sharks. Where do skates live? How do they eat and reproduce? Find out more by reading this marine life profile of skates.

Top 3 Shark Attack Species
What type of sharks are most likely to attack? Of the hundreds of shark species, there are 3 most often implicated in unprovoked shark attacks on humans. Learn more about these three species, and how you can prevent a shark attack.

Do Sharks Lay Eggs?
Learn about the reproductive strategies of sharks, including whether they lay eggs or give birth to live young, and species that exhibit different types of reproduction.

Types of Sharks
Here you can learn about different types of sharks, with a list of some of the hundreds of species of sharks, with facts about each.

Bigeye Thresher Shark (Alopias superciliosus)
Information about the bigeye thresher shark, including the thresher shark's feeding, habitat, reproduction, distribution and conservation status.

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