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Dolphin Information

A Collection of Articles About Dolphins


Why Do Whales and Dolphins Strand Themselves on Beaches?

It's always a horrible sight when cetaceans strand on a beach. Why do they do this? The About.com Guide to Environmental Issues explores the reasons, including the potential impacts of Navy sonar.

What Is Echolocation?

Toothed whales use echolocation to find their prey, communicate with others and keep track of members of their pod. During echolocation, dolphins make high-frequency sounds that bounce off of whatever is in front of them. They receive these sounds and use them to sense the size, shape, density, distance and even the texture of the object in front of them.

Where to See the Pink Dolphin in Hong Kong

Where can you see the Chinese white dolphin, popularly known as the pink dolphin? Check out this article from the About.com Guide to Hong Kong / Macau Travel to learn about dolphin watching tours and when and where you can see this rare dolphin.

Is There Dolphin in Canned Tuna?

Yellowfin Tuna - Thunnus albacares / NOAA
If you love dolphins, you've probably heard about the impacts that some fisheries, particularly the tuna industry, has on dolphin populations. Are dolphins now safe from tuna operations? Learn more here.

Dolphins As Totems

According to the About.com Guide to Holistic Healing, dolphins teach the importance of deep breathing, sound healing, play and exploration.

Should Intelligence Determine Personhood?

Check out this informative post by Doris Lin, About.com Guide to Animal Rights. In the post, Lin explores the intelligence of dolphins, and how that should influence our use of them in captivity.

Facts About Dolphins

Did you know that not all dolphins have a dorsal fin? Learn this fact and more as you explore more facts about dolphins in this article from About.com's Guide to Animals.

Demi and the Amorous Dolphin

What happened between Demi Moore and a dolphin? The guide to Urban Legends answers this question.
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