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The ocean is a fascinating, wonderful place. But, like other areas of our planet, it is facing challenges caused by our impacts. Learn about marine conservation, threats and issues facing marine life and what you can do to help protect marine life. This page is organized into several sections, with general marine conservation information and links followed by information on various conservation issues threatening marine life.
  1. Marine Conservation Basics
  2. Ocean Acidification
  3. Coral Reef Conservation
  4. Fishing
  1. Whaling
  2. Marine Protected Areas and Marine Reserves
  3. Pollution and Marine Debris

Marine Conservation Basics

Learn what marine conservation means, ways to protect the marine environment and how you can celebrate the oceans every year on World Oceans Day.

Ocean Acidification

We are just starting to learn more about the problem of ocean acidification, which is related to an increase in carbon dioxide, and can have catastrophic effects on marine ecosystems. Learn about ocean acidification and the latest news on this issue.

Coral Reef Conservation

Bubblegum Coral - Family Paragorgiidae / NOAA

Coral reefs have been referred to as the "rainforests of the sea" because of their great biodiversity. Many types of marine life, and humans, depend on healthy coral reefs.


Purse Seine Net Image / NOAA

Centuries of fishing have caused profound effects on fish populations. A big field in marine conservation is assessing fish populations and restoring depleted populations. Learn about overfishing, issues related to fishing and what is being done to minimize the effect of fishing on habitats and marine life caught as bycatch.


Minke Whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata)

Although the heyday of whaling ended long ago, whaling still occurs, as scientific research, aboriginal cultural whaling, and as outright commercial hunting. Learn more about regulation of whaling and who's hunting whales today.

Marine Protected Areas and Marine Reserves

Spanish hogfish at coral reef in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Many advocate the creation of marine protected areas or marine reserves to protect marine life, create a "safe" place for marine life to reproduce and thrive, and protect habitats.

Pollution and Marine Debris

Plastic bag twenty miles offshore.

Pollution is a problem plaguing our oceans, but it is a difficult problem to study. One problem associated with pollution is marine debris - items such as trash occurring in the marine environment that don't naturally belong there. Other types of pollution include runoff and oil spills. Learn about marine pollution and what some people are doing to prevent it.

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