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Coral Lophelia pertusa / University of Alabama and NOAA Ocean Explorer

The bright white, deep water coral Lophelia pertusa, seen on a NOAA expedition to the Gulf of Mexico in 2003, led by scientists from Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, the University of Alabama, and the Marine Conservation Biology Institute

University of Alabama and NOAA Ocean Explorer, http://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/gallery/gallery.html

Cnidaria is a classification phylum that includes corals, sea anemones, sea jellies (jellyfish), sea pens, and hydras.

Animals in this phylum are referred to as cnidarians. Cnidarians exhibit radial symmetry and have tentacles with stinging structures called nematocysts.

Pronunciation: Nid-air-ee-ah
Also Known As: Coelenterate, Coelenterata
Corals are classified in the phylum cnidaria.
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