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Marine Careers, Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Want to work with marine life? Explore career paths for budding marine biologists, look at job opportunities and listings, find an internship or summer program, or volunteer to help the marine environment.

Marine Biologist - Articles About Becoming a Marine Biologist
Learn about the job of a marine biologist, steps to becoming a marine biologist, and how much marine biologists earn.

Marine Biologist
The term "marine biologist" is a very general term and covers a wide range of activities and organisms related to the marine environment. Learn what a marine biologist is, what marine biologists do, and how you can become a marine biologist.

What Is the Salary of a Marine Biologist?
Learn about a marine biologist's job and salary range, and factors to consider if you're thinking about becoming a marine biologist.

Internship Tips - Tips for Getting An Internship
Users share their tips for getting an internship in a marine science-related field.

Land a Marine Biology Internship
Marine biology is a competitive field, and getting an internship is a crucial step in your path to becoming a marine biologist. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you land a marine biology internship at the organization of your choice.

Finding an Internship - Internship Opportunities
Here are ten steps to follow to find the perfect internship, from when to start looking, researching prospects, interviewing and following-up.

Society for Marine Mammalogy: Careers in Marine Mammal Science
So, you want to be a dolphin trainer? Want to study whales? Visit the Society for Marine Mammalogy's career resource page to learn what careers in marine mammal science entail and how to get started.

NOAA Ocean Explorer: OceanAGE Careers
OceanAGE Careers invites students to interact with the talented people who explore our ocean planet. View profiles of professionals working in marine life fields and participate in web forums and chats.

National Marine Educator's Association: Ocean Science Careers
National Marine Educator's Association site with a directory of ocean science career resources.

Marine Conservation Biology Institute - Employment and Internships
This page from the Marine Conservation Biology Institute web site lists links for employment and internships in marine science, from jobs in biology and oceanography to government jobs.

Want to Work with Marine Mammals
This web page has helpful insight on working with marine mammals and what it takes to have a career in this competitive field.

Marine Biology Program (University of Washington)
This site from the University of Washington has links to information on marine biology fellowships and internships.

Marine Biologist
Learn the definition of the term marine biologist, along with what it takes to become a marine biologist, what marine biologists do, and how much marine biologists get paid.

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