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What is the Biggest Animal in the Ocean?


Huge Blue Whale at surface, long back, dorsal fin
Kim Westerskov/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
Question: What is the Biggest Animal in the Ocean?
The biggest animal in the ocean, and in the world, is the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), a sleek, light-colored giant.

Blue whales are thought to be the largest animal ever to live on the Earth. They reach lengths up to about 100 feet and weights of an amazing 100-150 tons.

Blue whales are a type of baleen whale known as a rorqual. Their skin is a beautiful gray-blue color, often with a mottling of light spots.

Blue whales are found in all the world's oceans. After the invention of the grenade-tipped harpoon in the late 1800's, blue whales were subjected to relentless hunting. The blue whale was given protection from hunting in 1966 by the International Whaling Commission and today there are an estimated 10,000-15,000 blue whales in the world.

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