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Readers Respond: How Do You Feel About Whales & Dolphins In Captivity?

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regal animal

The very act of preventing an orca from enjoying the open ocean is cruel. No matter how much the trainers and care givers love these creatures, orcas a simply too large to be humainly held captive. And seaworld and other aquatic parks constant transporting, lending and selling of its orcas is in itself cruel. To remove a baby orca from its mother is psycologically detrimental and likens to kidnapping. These are concious and emtionally aware beings with extremely strong family bonds and to break that bond at any point in an orcas life is unexcusable. The entire situation is akin to slavery.
—Guest jennifer

orca dorsel fin collapse

I feel so sad these amazing,beautiful creatures that are so strong and powerful are held in captivity. I am a believer in that if a stranded mammaal needed treatment and then could be released,then release it.Not to the benefit for the benefit of money and a persons entertainment.It is absolutely inhumane treatment of "their" lives in "their"oceans.It should be completely illegal,they are not ours,they belong to their home in the ocean.
—Guest michelle


I don't know what is wrong with humanity! It's horrible to see these whales held in such small tanks/pools. It makes me sick. I feel so badly for them! And the way they capture them in the beginning is just horrific. Stolen from their families. I am glad the documentary Blackfish came out about SeaWorld & the horrible things they stand for! The lies. Just horrible. I hope everyone stops going to shows & supporting them. They should close down & let the whales go! They deserve to be with their families and free! They have no right. Those who stand with SeaWorld make me sick also. Stop being selfish and let them go! You can't control a wild animal for long or it will unleash it's frustration!
—Guest MominBoston

Release the whales

I watched "Blackfish". I have always felt some kinda way when I visited the zoo. :-( After watching this I now would advocate to free all captive animals after being acclimated to their natural habitat. It is cruel to keep them for our entertainment! We are so much like the ancient Roman Empire!
—Guest lrw

Stop this now!

I am sickened by our arrogance and selfishness! All for money! I feel so awful for these animals! Sea World is a huge lie!!!
—Guest Mindy


We should not use wild animals for our entertainment. Some say the human race will not appreciate wildlife and try to save and keep wild life safe if we do t have places like Sea World. They are wrong! I have never been to places like that but I support concervation and wild life. They are just wrong and only want to make money even if the Orca suffers.
—Guest Vicki


there should be no captivity for these animals they should be left in the wild
—Guest Daren

Alternative Solutions

Comparing the statistics of aggression seen by killer whales in captivity and in the wild there's much evidence to suggest that it is far more dangerous to humans keep them in captivity. Currently the financial incentives of park owners to keep these animals in captivity outweigh the harm we've seen to animal and trainer. It has yet to be seen whether or not animal rights groups efforts, riding on the wave of support that the documentary film "Blackfish" has garnered, will have permanently change the court of public opinion. Assuming it does maybe the pressure will be in place for the regulatory bodies that license animal parks to allow Orcas to be held in captivity to provide better environments for these animals. Perhaps as the creator of the documentary suggests, this may lead to the creation of sea sanctuaries where we can appreciate these animals from a distance in a more natural habitat, still advocating for conservation and protection for there counterparts in the wild.
—Guest Anone Muss

Definitely No!! Won't go to SeaTurd!

The concept of going to Sea World is appealing simply for the chance to see something so magnificent up close BUT I WON'T DO IT BECAUSE I FEEL IT'S WRONG TO TREAT ORCAS LIKE THAT! Going to witness a hanging on the public square is entertainment to some twisted individuals but not for my spirit! Back in Biblical times the Romans threw the Christians to the Lions in the Roman Coliseum and thousands attended but it's wrong! JUST SAY NO TO SEA WORLD! PUSH THE WARM FUZZY IMAGE ASIDE AND GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES AND THE ANIMALS WHO CANNOT STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES! *YOU* AND *WE* SIMPLY MUST DO IT!!!
—Guest Paul

end captivity

no whale or dolphin should be held captive, nor be forced to "amuse" us. They're at least as intelligent, social, emotional, and communicative as humans; we have no right to disrupt their lives and destroy their family bonds--that's just a new form of slavery, and needs to be outlawed. Boycott dolphin shows, until these exploiters like Sea World get the point. Support whale watches and real research, in the wild, not in a tank .
—Guest Susan M. Trudeau

In rare cases

I only believe they should be help in captivity in cases of one that cannot fend for itself in the wild due to attack or illness or other causes. I do not ever think they should be caught in the wild for the sole purpose of being held for captivity. It is cruel.
—Guest JustMandy


Taken unwilling. Used for personal and financial gain. Held in cruel conditions without regard to physical and emotional health. Separated unwilling from family and community. Considered "less," as in less intelligent, etc. What does this sound like?
—Guest Jeanne Ratzloff


I will never go to Sea World I believe past trainers were telling the truth.Seeing the Mothers crying n whaling for their babies was Horrible. Release the whales if I want to see a whale I can go out in a boat in their natural haitat..
—Guest Irma

This makes my blood boil.

It's inhumane what they are doing and what they've done over the years to those creatures. Living a life in captivity with no freedom, a fish tank as a "home" , its traumatizung. It's absolutely infuriating how they can't see what is wrong with this picture. They're treating those Orcas like pets, like fishes in a bowl. It's wrong. They belong in the open waters. Not in small pools where they are ignorantly tortured by humans. I don't want to live on this planet anymore if there are people like that doing what they are doing to those whales. They must be stopped.
—Guest Vania


To imprison any wild animal is disgraceful.Humans have been such a scourge on the entire planet. I didn't have to watch Blackfish to know SeaWorld was wrong. To say you enjoy SeaWorld means you haven't been paying attention.or you entirely lack empathy for all these captive animals. So my answer is NO!
—Guest Bill

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