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Readers Respond: How Do You Feel About Whales & Dolphins In Captivity?

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SeaWorld suffered the loss of several orca whales in 2010. Should whales and other marine life continue to be held in captivity? Are there advantages to having whales in captivity? Share Your Opinion

Devastatingly cruel indeed

I agree with the very first comment by Ana: Captivity of these animals is cruel and should be OUTLAWED - NOW!
—Guest Kristina


In my opinion, dolphins and whales shouldn't be kept in captivity because remeber what happened in Sea World two years ago? Yeah that is what happened and if you want it to happen again then you can keep them in captivity! Whales and dolphins act differtly in the wild, they feel like they are kept behing big huge bars! That is why the killer whale acted like that because the whale didn't know better! So take cpativity and they will be happier and healthier and more safe! If you like my article opinion write back to Babysitter13 or just post a comment about my article. Once agian my article is called "Should dolphins and whales be kept in Captivity" Sincerly~ Babysitter13! Thanks!
—Guest Babysitter13

Devestatingly Cruel

I have seen films, documentaries about killer whales, dolphines and other creatures in captivity and my heart just breaks to see all the cruelty man does in the name of science and research. These majestic creatures travel in pods of familes they're known to have one mate for life (which is more than I can say for humans). Sea World takes thier babies away and the mom killer whale is left screaming with the pain of a broken heart. How can man see this and not be ashamed. They're wild beautiful creature let them be free like God intended. I hope that in my life time Sea World will be held accountable for all the atrocities it's done to animals because in my mind they're no different from the nazi experimenting and ultimately killing jews.
—Guest Ana

whales or dolphins in captivity

No, I do not believe any animals except domesticated dogs and cats shold be held in captivity unless they have room to roam that is comparable to their natural environment, which is usually impossible.
—Guest Elizabeth

Set free

Whale captivity is wrong. They should be set free to live naturally and not be imprisoned.
—Guest Villa Pontanares Mills


How would you like to live in a bathtub? Yeah, I didn't think so. Want to teach your kids about sea life? Take them to the sea and show them.
—Guest Callum

Just Say No

Neither dolphins nor whales should be held captive.
—Guest Robert Ford

Should orcas be kept in captivity?

No animal, mammal or otherwise should be held captive. The natural state for wild animals is "the wild". It is not about trainers who love these animals it is about the animals right to freedom (as it is with all creatures, great and small) to live in freedom and make your own way is essential. It is humane and safer. Remember the 79 killed or injured by whales in captivity. You may be a thrill seeker, so buy a surfboard and catch a monster wave, not a monster apex predator (and make it a side show).
—Guest Jackie


Sea World and Loro Parque can act like they "care" about these animals and want to bring awareness to protecting them in the wild but if they really cared then why would they separate them from their mothers after knowing how traumatic it was to them? The public thinks these animals in captivity are happy because it's all they know but they are never shown the truth - after seeing Blackfish I was angry to know that a group of so called animal activists could allow such treatment.
—Guest Shaunna Lowey

Time for release

Captivity does have it's benefits and it allowed us to learn much about Killer Whales and Dolphins. It also made us aware of their intelligence and caused us to fall in love with these animals. However, we have been keeping these animals in captivity for over fifty years. What more are we learning about these animals? Plus, with technology, we can now learn about these animals in their natural habitats instead. Too many trainers have died or been injured, and way too many animals, especially Orcas have died. For the Orcas, many times it is sickness, brought on by stress, diet, or all of the medicine we pump into them, or its from aggression from other Orcas due to the fact they are being placed with Orcas of different species and or race and have no way of communication. It is either that, or they are forced to live completely alone. A vast majorities of the pregnancies are absolute failures too. So, its not safe for the trainers, and essentially prison for animals. The only group
—Guest Ryan

No they should not be kept in captivity!

Whales should be free to swim the oceans, it is sad to know they are kept in pools and not live and eat how God intended them too, free the whales!!!
—Guest Elaine Kubiniec

End captivity of orcas now!

It is immoral and and outrage to keep whales and dolphins in captivity especially for human amusement. Furthermore anyone who visits a marine park is equally despicable. Ignorance is no excuse.
—Guest Tia Tuenge

what if it was you?

If only these animals could talk I think they would beg for a normal life...someone commented on dolphin safe tuna and whaling and how our fights against those atrocious acts began by seeing these captive animals and that's very well possible but I truly believe that there's nothing left for us to protect them from other then captivity. What these animals endure on a daily basis is nothing short than a prison sentence; and all for what? So we could all get our 5 minutes of entertainment and move on to see the next miserable animal. Its embarrassing to see what our human race is capable of doing...
—Guest laetitia

Set them Free!

These beautiful magnificent creatures should be left in the oceans! Watching Blackfish and hearing some of the stories of how food is with held for not performing properly or their babies taken away and hearing their cries tore me apart! These whales are too big to be kept in such confined spaces, it's like doing time in a jail cell , something has to give after years of confinement !! SET THEM FREE !!
—Guest Lucille

people suck

It's unfortunate but anymore that's all I can say to my son's. We were just teaching them about the horrors of puppy mills and again they get to see what selfish, greedy humans will do to make a buck. Stop it!!!! I will never give a dime to Sea World or any type of park.
—Guest Becky

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How Do You Feel About Whales & Dolphins In Captivity?

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